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6 Best Chicken Restaurants in South Orange New Jersey

It’s quite exciting to take a big bite of something so sumptuous and there are quite a number of places you can get a good bite. But if you're like me south orange new jersey is always beckoning and persuading me to visit over and again. South orange is not only famous for its welcoming sights but also is a home of great treats. And that’s the sweet part of visiting the village.

Whether you’re grabbing a bite of hot dog on your way to the arts or the nature park, its no secret that south orange is home for a variety of treats, from Arroz con polo to baked Ziti. We’ve got it all!

If you’re out to find the best chicken restaurants in south orange new jersey, here are a few you might want to try!

1. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Address: 929 S Orange Ave, East Orange, NJ, United States

Making it to the top of the list is Popeyes Louisiana kitchen. Their buttery crisp chicken is to die for. Tasty indeed! Recently there’s been a flair for the chicken sandwich. Some say it’s a must-try!

Customer review: "Its a well-managed restaurant and yummy food place. The hostess was nice. Food presentation 10 out of 10. Taste is fabulous. I love the place."

2. Cluck U Chicken

Address: 319 S Orange Ave, South Orange, NJ, United States

If you are seeking exceptional flavourful chicken with a tasty sauce, cluck u chicken is it! Cluck u is famous for its buffalo wingers. The sauces are exceptional and tasty. None other in south orange does it better.

Customer reviews: “I had the Cluck U experience with my girlfriend on our first date. I'll tell you right now, the food is phenomenal. I had the best garden salad I've ever eaten in my entire life! My girlfriend loved it also. We had 3 orders of the spicy buffalo 911 boneless chicken wings! If I had my way, I would eat here every single day if my arteries weren't going to clog up and explode all over the counter. Also, this site is so helpful and formal! The coupons are amazing! 0.9% discount off on the cheese stix! The trivia is off the hooks! Anyways, the garden salad came out mad fast and tasted hella delicious. My only complaint is that my girlfriend lost every ounce of chicken she put in her mouth after her colon exploded all over my apartment. It was fun cleaning up but it wasn't a great smell. Anyways, the garden salad is the best thing on the menu by far, especially with the 911 sauce!"

3. Tito’s Burritos and Wings

Address: 6 W South Orange Ave south orange, NJ 07079

Although they are quite famous for their burritos and chips, their wings are also a must-try.

Customer review: "Flavorful food, great, fast service, and reasonable prices. This is my go-to place in south orange and by far has the best service compared to the other restaurants around. It is always packed, which is always a sign of good food. You can order in, to go, or delivery (although delivery used to be free and now there is a fee). You get a complimentary salsa and hot sauce bar as well. Awesome vibes inside with cute lighting."

4. Chicken Holiday

Address: 1036 S Orange Ave, Newark, NJ 07106, United States

Chicken Holiday has earned a name for itself from years of faithful service. If you are seeking decent fresh chicken wings in South Orange NJ, you should stop by!

Customer reviews: "Great hot wings, that's pretty much the only thing I ever get here, but I have had other things, and it was pretty good. All the employees are really friendly and extremely patient. Just to be perfectly honest, this place is located in a rather tough area, so keep that in mind when going here. Also, there's no seating, it's strictly taken out, the prices are very fair, and it offers a decent amount of other products similar to a small bodega. All in all, the wings keep me going back almost weekly for some years now and I've never had any problems with other customers. Enjoy!"'

5. University Subs and Wings

Address: 312 Irvington Ave #2511, South Orange, NJ 07079, United States

They are famous for the variety of tasty sandwiches that keeps you coming for more.

Customer review: The sandwiches are fantastic! I've tried about 15 different ones so far and have not been disappointed by anything I've ordered. It's fresh and fast.

6. Domino's pizza

Address: 59 Academy St South Orange, NJ 07079

Yup! Although they are famous for their crusty pizza, they also serve good wings! The restaurant is also neat, and though their services might be slow occasionally, you’ll be glad you waited!

Customer review: "I love Dominoes. The staff is so helpful. They will make your order correctly. Their wings are very good. I strongly encourage others to come here. Delivery is always available and prompt".

Ok, that's it, guys! We’ve shared with you our list of 6 best chicken restaurants in South Orange New Jersey. You can get one of the tastiest chicken wings in any of these hot spots.

Do you have your favorite spot too? Do let us know in the comments below.

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